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Santa Margherita Winery

Italian Wine, Alto Adige

About Santa Margherita Winery

The Santa Margherita Wine Estate was founded in the 1930s by Gaetano Marzotto. Marzotto set out to make wines from a single varietal that spoke of the region as much as the grape. Today, Santa Margherita wines are known for their easy drinking and great accessibility along with their modern winemaking edge. They are available worldwide in over 70 countries.

Hands down, Santa Margherita is best known for their Pinot Grigio wines from the Alto Adige region in northeastern Italy. Keep in mind, that there are two versions of Pinot Grigio available in the U.S. Version one consists of grapes that are sourced from the Alto Adige region. Version two notes that grapes are sourced from nearby Trentino and Veneto and is designated as "Valadige." The East Coast is the primary recipient of the Alto Adige bottlings, which yields a richer flavor experience. Santa Margherita is also well known for their well-balanced, delicately flavored Prosecco wine offerings.

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio 2008

Santa Margherita Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene Brut

Santa Margherita Merlot

Santa Margherita Chardonnay

Santa Margherita Cabernet Sauvignon Lison-pramaggiore