Sebastiani Winery & Vineyard

California Wine, Sonoma County

About Sebastiani Winery and Vineyard

Every classic grape variety grows in Sonoma County, but each has "favorite places," sub-appellations within the county where the climate, soils, elevation, exposure and vineyard practices are ideal for that variety. Through nearly 100 years of grape growing and winemaking in Sonoma County, Sebastiani Winery has found these perfect grape-to-site matches and showcases them in four wine categories: Sonoma County Wines, Appellation Selection Wines, Vineyard Selection Wines and Proprietary & Estate Wines.

Sebastiani Winery Cabernet Sauvignon

Solidly in the long Sebastiani tradition, a rich, well-crafted Cab. Many wines that cost $25 and more are not as good. Dry and full-bodied, with ripe blackcurrant flavors and complex, easy tannins, this is a first-rate wine and it is delicious.

Sebastiani Winery Merlot

The aromas consist of blueberry and black cherry fruit with high tones of vanilla and char from the barrels. Your mouth will delight in the vanilla and mocha flavors coupled with "bigger" jammier fruit with greater tannins and acidity, which is so characteristic of the fruit from this vintage. It, stylistically, is more full-bodied and more age worthy than our past Sonoma County Merlots.

Sebastiani Winery Chardonnay

The Chardonnay aromatics have expressive apple and lemon zest with nuances of toasted grains, caramel apple and buttered pear. The flavor has "orchard fruit" delicately balanced with vanilla oak and acidity. This medium-bodied wine has a cleansing finish with lots of pleasant citrus characteristics. Arguably, the best of offering of Sonoma County Chardonnays.

Sebastiani Winery Zinfandel

Mainly from 120-year-old vines, this wine showcases Zin in an intense and unique aspect... bone-dry, and?soft and plush. From the middle palate through the finish, flavors of deep ripe berries and stone fruits take over. Captures Zin's friendly, neighborly personality perfectly. Proves you can have good fruit even at an alcohol of only 13.7 percent.

Sebastiani Winery Pinot Noir

The color is a medium garnet with nice clarity. The nose shows abundant Bing cherry aromatics with vanilla and smoke overtones. You will pick up lots of bright cherry and strawberry fruit, infused with toasty oak and sandalwood spice. This wine is medium-bodied with bright fruit, acidity and tannin: hallmarks of a great, ageworthy Pinot Noir.