Shipping Deals, Zones and Thresholds Explained

Free Shipping - How to Qualify

Free shipping is determined by 2 factors 1) where you are shipping it to (zip code) and 2) the value per box being shipped. Below are the Key factors to remember to get free shipping.

  1. Enter your ship to zip code when you reach the site or in the top grey bar at any time. It will return a dollar amount that is the Value per Box (VPB) threshold for free shipping and our other shipping incentive thresholds for your area.
  2. Free shipping only applies to bottles that are 750ml or smaller in size at this time.
  3. A box will hold up to 12 bottles.
  4. The Free Shipping VPB threshold only applies to the product in the order and does not include shipping or tax to qualify for free shipping.
  5. Free shipping promotion only applies to Ground shipping.
  6. Shipping Incentive are only available to the continental US at this time (lower 48 states)
  7. To determine which shipping deals you qualify for, we've included a handy "Shipping DealTracker" on the cart page. It will help you to see which shipping incentives the boxes in your order qualify for and give you tips on how you can modify your order to get a better deal.
  8. Items in the Deep Case Discounts do not qualify for Free shipping or other shipping incentives.

Shipping Deal Thresholds

In order to qualify for a shipping deal, the box(es) in your order must meet a minimum dollar value threshold for your Shipping Zone. Please note that this is not based on your order subtotal value, but rather on your "Value Per Box" (VPB).

What do we mean by that?

Each box we ship will hold up to 12 bottles of 750ml or smaller in size. The value of the 12 bottles in that box has to be over the shipping incentive threshold to qualify for free or reduced flat rate shipping.

If you add a 13th bottle to your order it will immediately add a second "box" to your order. The Shopping cart will then determine what the best combination of bottles you have in your cart to get you the best per box shipping rate. This applies to each new box. If you have 72 bottles in your order the shopping cart will combine them in the best way so you qualify for the best shipping rate per box giving you an overall lowest effective shipping rate.

The most important thing to understand is that the shipping deals are based on "box value", not just order subtotal value. The handy "Shipping DealTracker" on the cart page will help you to see which deals your order qualifies for and will give you tips to qualify for further shipping deals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My cart total is over the threshold but it is not giving me free shipping - why not?

Please keep in mind that the threshold is a per box threshold if your cart has more than one box in it the wine total of your cart is split between the 2 boxes. Another issue may be that you are looking at your grand total (shipping and tax included) as being over the threshold. The thresholds are based on the wine in the cart. If you still feel there is an error with the offer you are receiving please contact us and we will assist you in getting the best shipping rates.

I ordered 24 bottles and it is saying 1 box is free and the other is not why am i not getting free shiping on both boxes?

Our shipping algoritm is set up to combine the bottles in your order to get you the lowest shipping we can. It will arrange the bottles in the first box to reach the best shipping threshold for that box then the remaining bottles will be in the second box and be charged at whatever the best shipping is for those 12 bottles. We have found this to be the most effective way at getting our customers the lowest shipping rates for each order including those that have more than 1 box.

Do I have to order 12 bottles to get free shipping?

No! The Threshold is based on up to 12 bottles per box. If your order reached the threshold with fewer bottles you will still receive free shipping. For instance if the your Free shipping offer has a threshold of $300, and you add 3 $100 bottles to your cart - you will qualify for free shipping. Same would be true if you added 6 $50 bottles to your cart. As long as your box total does not exceed 12 bottles and it reached the price threshold you will receive free or reduced rate shipping.

Do I have to ship to the same address all the time to get free shipping?

No! You may ship to any address you choose and the rules above will apply. You cannot however split a shipment between 2 addresses.

Why did my shipping incentive change when I entered a ship to address different than my regular shipping address?

Please note that if you enter a zip code at the beginning of your transaction or from when you last signed in and then try to enter a different shipping address at the checkout it may change your shipping incentives depending on what is offered to the location you are shipping it to.