Rapid Ship
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Inviting aromas of boysenberry, vanilla and dark chocolate swirl in the glass. Rich flavors of ripe black cherry...
Rapid Ship
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Washington state has long since proven itself to be prime wine country. The Columbia valley, with its mountainous micro-climates, brings an enormous range of benefits for vintners in the regions which surround it, and Washington is now renowned worldwide for its wines which are celebrated for being distinctive, complex, and true to their grape varietal. Skyfall vineyards is no exception here, and for the past decade or so, chief winemaker David Minick has been bringing the best of Washington wines to the wider world.

Geographically, Skyfall vineyards are fascinating places. The name of the winery is taken from the gigantic, car-sized boulders of rock which are scattered across the vineyards, rocks which appear to have simply fallen from the sky. This dramatic landscape is the result of glacial action and enormous floods which spread out across the Columbia river and basin, and the ‘skyfall’ rocks are an enduring reminder of what makes this winery so special. This same set of floods, which carved out the landscape carried with them silts and loams, and volcanic soils and ashes… all the components for beautifully fertile earth, perfect for growing vines suited to high end wine production.

David Minick is a third generation winemaker from Washington, and his forefathers and he share the same passion for expressing what makes their state special when it comes to wine production. This sense of pride and care comes across strongly in Skyfall’s production techniques - Minick is among the growing number of contemporary vintners who are careful to ensure there is minimal intervention in his winemaking methods. This means fewer chemicals, less intrusive techniques, and a dedication to protect and preserve the land from which he makes his living, for future generations to enjoy and benefit from.

Skyfall’s vineyards are spread across the region of Columbia Valley, and each has its own distinctive character. However, it would be fair to say that all of the vineyards from which Skyfall sources its fruit benefit from the key climatic features of this part of Washington state - hot days for ripeness, and cold nights for acidity and body. As such, the wines which come out of Skyfall are beautifully balanced, and fantastic representatives of their grape varietal.