Bottle: $24.94
12 bottles: $24.44
The palate is agile and crisp with round fruit flavors and a textured mouthfeel. Pairs well with mild soft cheeses,...
Bottle: $24.94
12 bottles: $24.44
Saperavi (‘sah-peh-RAH-vee) is interesting” – that’s the most frequently used word to describe it. We...
Standing Stone Winery

New York Wine, Finger Lakes

About Standing Stone Winery and Vineyard

"Standing Stone": the History of the Name. The Oneida Indians were known as "The People of the Standing Stone", and believed that when they found it, they would also find bountiful land, clear water and sumptuous food.

The Dutch sought to trade furs with the Indians, and they were told that "The People of the Standing Stone" could show them the best locations and trapping techniques. The Dutch were lost, however, and found themselves on Seneca Lake. Here, the Indians that they found taught them all they needed. Believing that they had found "The People of the Standing Stone", the Dutch called the Indians "Sinerka"; their word for standing stone. The name stuck, in a slightly modified version.

There is also an Indian word "assiniki" which means "Stone People" or "Stone Standing", which also has been tied to Seneca Lake. Frequently folklore legends arrive at the same place through different avenues. At any rate, Standing Stone Vineyards is a name that we hope will survive many different generations to connect the history of the place with our bountiful vineyard future.

Cabernet Franc

An amazingly vibrant wine with a medium body and a light, fruity acidity. Taste the vibrant cranberry and raspberry flavors, with hints of vanilla on the finish, and earthy flavors underneath.


A classic bordeaux style blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (85%), Merlot (10%) and Cabernet Franc. Round ripe fruit flavors are balanced perfectly with some nice tannin structure and weight.

Pinot Noir

This wine starts in the vineyard, with several clones providing additional weight and complexity. Round cherry flavors, smoky undertones and a long, silky finish.


Blueberry flavors, and lots of it – very up front fruit, with rich chocolate overtones.

Smokehouse Red

"Pinnacle light"! This is Cab Sauv, Merlot and Cab Franc, but the lighter, fruitier and less rich selections from each of 2 vintages. Perfect with every day food - barbeque ribs, tacos or wings!

Chardonnay Reserve

This wine is a knockout! We rarely get excited about Chardonnay, but this one is a real show off. Beautiful melon and banana fruit flavors, hints of butterscotch and coconut, and vanilla on the nose.


A lively wine with tangerine and other exotic fruit notes. A hint of acidity balances the wine perfectly. This wine is great with hard cheeses or Foie Gras en Terrine.


Spicy and classically Gewurztraminer, with lychee fruit and cardamom. Somewhat lean in weight, and improving quickly with time in the bottle.