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Strub Riesling Trocken Im Taubennest Niersteiner Oelberg 2017 750ml

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2017 2016
Rated 92 by Vinous Media
Orange blossom, lavender, smoke and sea breeze greet the nose. The feel is almost creamy, yet infectiously juicy and animating. This bottling displays a remarkable degree of clarity and precision for a wine that stayed on its full lees until shortly before mid-August bottling. Bittersweet inner-mouth floral accents and smoky, crystalline-stony nuances inform a lingering, delightfully refreshing, mouthwateringly scallop- and salt-tinged finish. Of this umami-rich offering Sebastian Strub observed in November 2018: “ ’Im Taubennest’ is always a bit more approachable and generous early on than the Orbel ‘Steillage’.” For myself, I can’t recall having tasted a more beautiful or promising dry Strub Riesling. Incidentally, following some trading of parcels, the Strubs now control close to two-thirds of the Im Taubennest, with most of the rest held by Kai Schätzel.

Strub Riesling Trocken Im Taubennest Niersteiner Oelberg 2017 750ml

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Winery Strub

Varietal: Riesling

Although they originated in Germany's beautiful Rhine Valley, the Riesling grape soon spread around the world, where it thrives in many countries with a colder climate which can support this pale and unique grapes. Riesling grapes are considered one of the finest varietals on earth, capable of expressing fascinating features of the soil type they are grown on, resulting in some highly interesting wines with plenty to offer those who are looking for something different. Riesling grapes are also noted for their aromas, which tend to be highly perfumed, floral and often with smoky notes accentuating their unusual flavor Because this was always the predominant grape grown in Germany and other such countries, Riesling wineries have always been keen to experiment with its range. This has resulted in dry white wines, sparkling wines, semi sweet wines and several others, but the finest examples are usually considered to be the Riesling dessert wines. These are occasionally made with unusual processes, including the 'eiswine' method, in which the grapes are allowed to freeze in the early frosts, or by allowing the development of 'noble rot', which withers the grapes and results in some truly spectacular and unusual flavors.

Region: Rheingau / Rheinhessen

The beautiful region of Rheingau in Germany is home to many of the country's most characterful and delicious wines. With a wine history which extends back several centuries, the wineries of this region have generations of experience and expertise when it comes to dealing with their distinctive and flavorful grape varietals, and consistently produce wines which remain popular with global audiences. With Riesling making up for the majority of grapes growing in the region, Rheingau vintners make the most of the cooler climate and high levels of moisture on the valley sides to bring out the best flavors of this grape, as well as allowing it to express the finest features of the terroir. However, plenty of other Germanic and imported grape varietals flourish there, and today the region produces a relatively large range of excellent white wines which are steadily becoming more recognized internationally.

Country: Germany

Much has changed over the past few decades in regards to German wine. Long gone are the days of mass produced, sickly sweet white wines which were once the chief exports of this fascinating and ancient wine producing country, and they have been replaced with something far more sophisticated. Whilst Germany continues to produce a relatively large amount of dessert wine, the wineries of the south of the country have reverted their attention to the production of drier, more elegant wines which really make the most of the fine grape varieties which flourish there. Many of the wineries dealing primarily with the excellent Riesling grapes have produced some truly exceptional dry and semi-sweet wines over the past few years, and it seems the world has finally woken up and noticed the extremely high quality of the distinctive produce coming out of Germany today.