Some people have winemaking and viticulture in their genes, and from an early age, it’s clear that they are destined to spend their days among vines and vats, producing great wine for public enjoyment. This is certainly true of best friends Carlo Trinchero and Josh Phelps, who were both raised in California’s Napa Valley and showed an interest in grapes from childhood, and who grew up to be rising stars in the world of Napa wine. Since 2010, they’ve gone from strength to strength, experimenting with different grape varietals and some unique blends to establish an exciting new voice in the world of wine.

Their early offerings - Taken and Complicated - quickly received high praise, and before long, they were the talk of the town, taking old fashioned and time-revered techniques, and blending this know-how with a distinctly modern, savvy use of social media and millennial communication. The results have spoken for themselves: an ardent base of younger wine fans, and their wines popping up on menus at some of the state’s best restaurants. Their latest release - titled ‘Available’, in line with the rest of their cheekily named bottles - is said to be a passion project which has taken several years to master. It is designed to be a more affordable, accessible bottle, sure to bring over a few new converts to the brand.

Their wines are mostly big, bold red wines, made from grapes harvested in Puglia, one of southern Italy’s key wine regions. This sun-drenched spot on the Mediterranean coast is known worldwide for its boisterous and forward red wines, and Trinchero and Phelps were inspired by the faith the Puglians have in the quality of their grapes, and follow their no-nonsense approach to wine making which aims for full expression and an exciting set of flavour and aroma combinations.