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Tara White Wine 1 Chardonnay 2018 750ml

Huasco Valley
Rated 95 by Wine Advocate
The cloudy and characterful 2018 White Wine 1 Chardonnay has to be one of the most particular whites from Chile, a wine about the place rather than the variety. It's only 12.5% alcohol and has vibrant acidity with intense flavors and a strong stony sensation in the palate. This wine comes from a unique place in the Atacama Desert with stony and limestone soils. They pressed the grapes with 50% full clusters, and the juice fermented with indigenous yeasts. The wine matured in 50% concrete eggs and 50% in untoasted oak foudres for 24 months. This really expresses the character of the place, austere and with a marked personality. It finishes with a chalky and saline feeling. Possibly the finest vintage to date.
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Tara White Wine 1 Chardonnay 2018 750ml

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Winery Tara
green grapes

Varietal: Chardonnay

Despite having its origins in western France, Chardonnay's immense popularity and flexibility quickly meant that before long, there wasn't a wine producing country in the world which wasn't investing in this fascinating and versatile grape varietal. Today, Chardonnays manage to win fine wine competitions and satisfy supermarket shoppers simultaneously, due to the fact that this grape varietal can take on many characteristics and features of where it is grown and how it is handled. Indeed, this green skinned grape is renowned for not having so much unique flavor within the fruit, but is very sensitive to the features of the terroir it is grown in, as well as to aging As such, it isn't unusual to find bottles of single variety Chardonnay wine described as holding notes of white stone, mountain waters, or other such geological features alongside the more predictable fruit descriptions This makes Chardonnay grape varietal wines an exciting world to delve into – full of surprises, full of delights.

Country: Chile

Chile has a long and rich wine history which dates back to the Spanish conquistadors of the 16th century, who were the first to discover that the wonderful climate and fertile soils of this South American country were ideal for vine cultivation. It has only been in the past forty or fifty years, however, that Chile as a modern wine producing nation has really had an impact on the rest of the world. Generally relatively cheap in price,Whilst being widely regarded as definitively 'New World' as a wine producing country, Chile has actually been cultivating grapevines for wine production for over five hundred years. The Iberian conquistadors first introduced vines to Chile with which to make sacramental wines, and although these were considerably different in everything from flavor, aroma and character to the wines we associate with Chile today, the country has a long and interesting heritage when it comes to this drink. Chilean wine production as we know it first arose in the country in the mid to late 19th century, when wealthy landowners and industrialists first began planting vineyards as a way of adopting some European class and style. They quickly discovered that the hot climate, sloping mountainsides and oceanic winds provided a perfect terroir for quality wines, and many of these original estates remain today in all their grandeur and beauty, still producing the wines which made the country famous.