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Terranoble Carmenere Ca1 Andes 2017 750ml

Valle Central
Colchagua Valley
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2018 2017 2015 2013
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Terranoble Carmenere Ca1 Andes 2017 750ml

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Winery Terranoble
green grapes

Varietal: Carmenere

Several New World wineries today are turning their vineyards over to the production of the fine Carmenere varietal grapes, as a result of their unique characteristics and intense flavors Although most commonly used as a blending varietal, single variety wines made with Carmenere have plenty to offer. These grapes are renowned for their intense dark red colored juices, and the fact that they carry some extremely interesting flavors and aromas. Young Carmenere wines are most commonly associated with deep, spicy notes, full of tobacco, chocolate and leather flavors that make them a favorite with wineries who wish to produce refined, elegant wines with a big finish. They are also famed for being one of the few grapes allowed by French law for the production of the world famous Bordeaux blended wines.

Region: Valle Central

Chile's Valle Central has to be one of the oldest 'New World' wine regions on earth, with a viticultural history which stretches all the way back to the 16th century, and the time of the first European settlers in South America. This long stretch of valleys and mountains, which extends between Maipo and Maule, has grown to become one of the most prodigious and productive wine regions on the continent, with a reputation for big, flavourful and characterful wines. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Carmenere all flourish in various part of Valle Central, and the many micro-climates which characterize the region allow wineries to experiment and innovate with their crops. Today, the Chilean wine industry is stronger than ever, and quality has for the first time overtaken quantity as a priority, making it something of a golden age for the country's wine producers.

Country: Chile

When considering the rich and fertile central valleys of Chile, where we find most of the oldest, grandest and established wineries, it is difficult to imagine a more suited landscape for vineyard cultivation and wine production. Mineral rich soils, eight months of sunshine per year, oceanic winds and clear water running down the mountainsides – it is little wonder that the imported Old World grapes do so well here. Chile is renowned world-wide for producing highly drinkable wines, packed full of fruit-forward character and enjoyed young and fresh, as well as being home to more complex wines reminiscent of many Old World varieties. Whilst the Cabernet Sauvignon is widely regarded as being Chile's 'flagship' grape varietal, equally fine produce comes from Chardonnay grapes (indeed, the Sol de Sol Chardonnays are widely agreed to be amongst the New World's finest white wines) the plummy Merlot and silky, intense Pinot Noir.