Bottle: $16.50 $17.94
12 bottles: $13.68
Rated 89 - This medium-bodied wine offers a lively feel and lots of fresh fruit tones. Flavors of lemon and fresh...
Bottle: $16.50 $17.94
12 bottles: $13.71
Bottle: $16.50 $17.94
12 bottles: $13.68
Bottle: $17.94
12 bottles: $17.58
Bottle: $16.87 $17.94
12 bottles: $16.53
Rapid Ship
Bottle: $12.94 $13.34
12 bottles: $12.68
Rated 90 - Pretty in aromas of peach and strawberry, this is a sleek, energetic and nervy wine—bone dry, elegant...
Toad Hollow Winery

California Wine, Russian River Valley

About Toad Hollow Vineyard and Winery

Toad Hollow is a collaboration of two old friends who, more or less, retired to an existence of peace and quiet in the Hollow, after a life of whirlwind world travel. Neither of these two gentlemen believed in self-denial, and over the years had probably wined and dined at every major eatery and watering hole in the Universe.

Dr. Toad and The Dancing Badger (as they were fondly called) were sitting on the veranda one day gazing out over Mr. Badger's vineyards that ran from the banks of the Russian River clear up to the house. They began to discuss the fun times they had experienced over many years, remembering all the wonderful people they had met. During their conversation they decided they wanted to find a way to repay the warmth and friendship shown them along the way.

As the two old friends had in common a love of good food and fine wine, they agreed whatever the plan, it must honor food or wine. With Dr. Toad's infamous years in the restaurant business (and whose wife was adamant that he never return to it) and Mr. Badger's keen palate and exceptional ability to make stellar wines, the two decided they would pioneer the making of world-class wines at affordable prices.

This natural pairing -- Dr. Toad, a man known around the neighborhood as one who could sell sand to a Sheik, as well as a consummate storyteller ... he would be in charge of marketing; while Mr. Badger, a gentleman extraordinaire, who had honed his palate during visits to Chateaux, whilst dancing for kings ... would craft the wine.

Now came the challenge of what to name the vineyard that would produce the wine. This vineyard deserved to have a name that would reflect its beauty. They decided on "Francine's Vineyard," as the name to honor the beautiful maiden who shares Dr. Toad's life.

It is obvious to all who knew these two that retirement was not part of their makeup, as they were off and running with their new project immediately. As you taste the wines from Toad Hollow Vineyards, please take a moment to envision these two old friends ... Dr. Toad and Mr. Badger, sitting on the veranda, smiling as they raise a glass of wine to salute you. (Heaven knows that neither would turn down a chance to share a good bottle of wine.)

In light of the legend just read, please keep in mind that Toad Hollow wines are very seriously crafted from vineyards primarily in the Russian River Valley of Sonoma County

Toad Hollow Winery Chardonnay

The wine exhibits flavors of pear, mango, and ginger on the palate and a toasty, creamy, vanilla and citrus finish.

Toad Hollow Winery Merlot

It’s big and spicy but not as tannic as Cabernet Sauvignon. A gentle but sinuous noble red wine that welcomes most company with a warm generosity of flavor as well as the versatility of filling many sensory needs on many levels.

Toad Hollow Winery Pinot Noir

A wine with excellent personality, the Toad Hallow Pinot Noirs combines ripe fruit flavors with its bold, almost full bodied structure for a wine of pleasing completeness.

Toad Hollow Winery Pinot Noir Rosé

Delicious aromas of candied strawberries and bananas carry nicely onto the palate where the fruit turns tart. Light bodied with low acidity, one wishes the flavors would live up to the promise of the delightful nose. Still, if the price is right, a nice warm weather quaff. Be sure to serve slightly chilled.

Toad Hollow Winery Cacophony Zinfandel

Raspberry jam, smoke, earth, candied cherries. Wow! What a nose. Just pull the cork and you can smell this stuff. Then, that huge bouquet explodes across the palate, releasing nuances of cedar and lead pencil, with a nice little note of tomato acidity that cleans things up neatly on the lovely, lingering finish. Cacophony, not. It is truly harmonious.

Toad Hollow Winery Amplexus

Toad Hollow Amplexus is robust with tiny bubbles and a long elegant finish; it is virtuly dry, with a low dosage, but rich in texture providing a very sensual mouth feel.