When it comes to south American wines, one region stands head and shoulders above the rest. We’re talking, of course, about Mendoza, the beautiful mountainous wine region of Argentina, and one which has taken the world by storm over the past couple of decades. This elevated set of appellations is a paradise for those who enjoy the bold complexity of the finer Argentine wines, and it has attracted some fascinating characters over the years - vintners who are not afraid of a challenge, and are eager to explore just what this fascinating region can produce. One of the most exciting wineries to pop up in Mendoza over the past two decades is Vina Cobos, a project founded by an American vintner, and two Argentinian wine enthusiasts. Paul Hobbs cut his teeth in some of the best American wine regions before heading south, and Andrea Marchiori and Luis Barraud have their roots in both Argentina as well as the Old World of Europe - bringing a fascinating set of approaches and passions to their shared winery.

The owners of Vina Cobos set out in the late nineteen nineties with a specific mission in mind: to use the exceptional terroir of Mendoza - and the unique features and challenges it presents - to produce some of the most elegant and interesting red and white wines in the world. They knew they had access to the mineral rich soils and climatic conditions to make it work, and quickly set about sourcing their fruits from Marchiori’s vineyards, as well as other exceptional plots of land in Mendoza. They started with Malbec (one of the key varietals of this part of the world) but quickly moved on to include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay in their repertoire. Success was quick to come, as their 1999 Cobos Malbec was the highest scoring release for any wine in Argentina, ever. The three vintners of Vina Cobos continue to expand and grow their operation, and show no signs of slowing soon.