Vinedos De Paganos Rioja La Nieta 2013 750ml
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Vinedos De Paganos Rioja La Nieta Tempranillo 2013

Rioja - La Rioja - Spain

Professional Wine Reviews for Vinedos De Paganos Rioja La Nieta Tempranillo 2013

Rated 96 by Robert Parker
Always a favourite of mine, the 2013 La Nieta is still extremely young and oaky, but this vineyard planted under the winery in the village of Páganos on very shallow soils that cushion the effect of the weather (even the excess of rain in 2013), produce a very consistent wine. Right now the nose is dominated by oak-related aromas: toasted wood, dark chocolate and espresso coffee; if you're patience enough, you can see the violets and acid berries underneath. And the palate shows a fresh wine with great acidity, a very fine texture and a long, mineral, tasty finish. I wouldn't touch this for a couple of years, because it should make a beautiful bottle of Rioja. It should have a very long life in bottle. 4,000 bottles produced.
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Additional Information on Vinedos De Paganos Rioja La Nieta Tempranillo 2013

Winery Vinedos De Paganos

Varietal: Tempranillo

For millennia, the Tempranillo grape varietal has been esteemed and revered by winemakers in their native Spain. These grapes are packed full of intense and fascinating flavors, often rewarding wine drinkers with notes of tobacco, leather, plum and herbs alongside their spicy and full bodied character. Their thick, black skins result in their wines being very deep red in color, and often high in tannins. As such, Tempranillo grapes are usually blended with other fine varietals to produce exceptionally balanced and delicious blended wines, such as those found in La Riot and other important wine regions around the world. Despite them being a notoriously tricky varietal to grow, their popularity continues to increase, and winemakers continue to impress the world with this excellent example of a red wine grape.

Region: La Rioja

Spanish wines have always been packed full of character and tradition, making Spain a fascinating country for any fan of Old World wines. By far the most beloved and well known wine region in Spain is La Rioja, a lush and fertile region in the north of the country, famed for its superb single variety and blended red wines, usually made from Tempranillo and Garnacha varietal grapes. These two key grape varietals have been cultivated in this part of Spain for centuries, and are capable of expressing not only the rich, delicious fruit flavors they carry, but also the finer features of their terroir. La Rioja's terroirs are fine ones indeed, with a range of mineral rich soils, and climatic conditions which are ideal for viticulture, resulting in wines of real character and distinction.

Country: Spain

Ever since the Phoenicians and Romans brought their knowledge of vine cultivation to Spanish soils, the country's culture has grown alongside wine production, with wine being a vital part of Spanish identity and Spanish traditions. Each region of Spain has a wine quite distinct from the others, and it is produced by smallholders and families as much as it is by large companies and established wineries. From the relatively mild and lush regions of La Rioja to the arid plateaus that surround Madrid, grapes are grown in abundance for the now booming Spanish wine industry, and new laws and regulations have recently been put in place to keep the country's standards high. By combining traditional practices with modern technology, Spanish wineries are continuing to produce distinctive wines of great character, flavor and aroma, with the focus shifting in recent decades to quality over quantity.