Vinicola Aurora Carnaval Moscato  750ml
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Vinicola Aurora Carnaval Moscato Muscat


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Winery Vinicola Aurora

Varietal: Muscat

As one of the oldest grape varietals in the world, the Muscat grape has a huge amount of variation in its character, flavors and even color As such, it is a wildly popular grape in several different countries, and its hardiness and reliability, coupled with its excellent characteristics makes it a highly popular grape varietal with wineries looking to produce fine and elegant wines with a wide appeal. One of the key attributes of Muscat varietal grapes is the fact that they have proven themselves to be highly versatile. Indeed, Muscat grapes are used for a vast range of different wines, from superbly aromatic sweet wines typical of eastern Europe, to refined and elegant sparkling wines, dry white wines, and even fortified examples. They are recognized by their bright and sharp fruity taste, and their characteristically floral aroma.