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Wagner Winery & Vineyards

New York State Wine, Finger Lakes

About Wagner Vineyard and Winery

Wagner Winery offers the most comprehensive tour of any Finger Lakes winery. The tour encompasses all facets of the winemaking operation as well as the viticultural practices important to the production of quality wine grapes. A tasting of a wide selection of our wines and non-alcoholic grape juice follows the tour. Visitors can also take a self-guided brewery tour and taste any of our craft-brewed beers. Pub Nights on the Brewdeck are held every Friday from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, with live entertainment, great wine, beer & food on the brewery deck.

Fine Wine Merchant - The Saratoga Wine exchange offers all Wagner wines at winery competitive prices or better!

Wagner White Wines

Chardonnay BF

Seyval Blanc


Reserve White



Cayuga White

Johannisberg Riesling


Alta blanc



Wagner Red wines

Pinot Noir Grace House


Cabernet Franc


Cabernet Sauvignon

De Chaunac

Reserve Red

Alta B

Wanger Blus& Sparkling Wines

Reserve Blush

Alta Blush

Champagne Brut

Champagne Riesling

Wanger Winery Dessert Wines

Vignoles Late Harvest

Riesling Ice Wine

Vidal Blanc Ice Wine

Vignoles Ice Wine