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Yangarra Estate Gsm 2015 750ml

Rated 93 - Very aromatic with blackberries, spices, orange peel and tea. Full body, firm and silky tannins and a tangy finish. Energetic and...
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Yangarra Estate Shiraz 2014 750ml

Rated 93 - Dense and layered shiraz with loads of ripe fruit, yet remains vivid and lively. Full body, velvety tannins and a long, savory finish....

South Australia has long since established itself as one of the leading wine regions of the New World. It’s perfect climate, with blazing hot summers tempered by cooling sea breezes, rolling valleys enriched by mineral-nourished soils and pioneering winemakers have seen it grow from strength to strength over the past few decades. At Yangarra Estate, the winemakers behind this French-inspired winery see their land and wine as not only a great expression of what makes South Australia special, but also draw strong and persuasive comparisons to other leading wine regions of the old world. Indeed, the vintners of Yangarra Estate see the Gulf St Vincent, where Yangarra is based, as the Australian equivalent of the Rhone Valley of France. This is due to its mediterranean style microclimate which allows its grapes to reach full ripeness and expression, and thus produce fascinating, characterful wines.

Yangarra Estate follows this comparison with the Rhone Valley to its logical conclusion, cultivating the classic grape varietals of Mediterranean France in this sunny corner of South Australia. As such, the principal grape grown at Yangarra Estate is Grenache, a beautiful varietal which thrives in the long, warm summer days the winery enjoys year on year. While the inspiration for the winery and the fruit they use comes from France, Yangarra Estate prides itself on being primarily a biodynamic winery. This means using a range of holistic methods in all aspects of the winemaking process, from planting and tending the vines, to the crushing, ageing and bottling of the wines themselves. Yangarra Estates ethos is one of zero unnecessary intervention, no use of nasty chemicals, and the cultivation of bush vines which are grown without trellises and without damaging irrigation techniques. The winemakers here believe they have a duty to care for the land for the generations to come, and do all they can to have almost no impact on the environment they work with.

The intention is to produce wines which are the purest expression of the terroir - allowing a natural wine to blossom in the bottle, and demonstrate what makes the land they own special and pure, and perfect for viticulture.