Zonin Winery

Italian Wine, Venezia

About Zonin Winery

Today, almost two centuries after the Zonins’ first winery was founded at Gambellara in 1821, the family owns and operates 11 vineyard estates in all of Italy’s most important vine-growing Regions. The modern growth of the company was initiated in 1957, by today’s President, Gianni Zonin, who has dedicated all of his energy and passion to producing wines of ever higher quality while creating the largest vineyard holding (4.500 acres) in Italy.

It is a commitment Zonin made in the mid-sixties when it was realized that there was a need to provide the best wine imaginable to the largest possible number of consumers. Gianni Zonin was without doubt one of the first to sense this profound change in the market.

At 29 years of age and after receiving his diploma from the enological school at Conegliano as well as a law degree, he became the president of the family wine company. He assured they would develop the Zonin family’s estates. This project has always been based on a powerful idea: to obtain wines of fine quality, it is necessary to possess vineyards and emphasize the value of the terroir. Zonin has built and consolidated its success on its constant dedication and on its capacity to interpret the requirements of the domestic and international markets.