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Rated 92 - The 2013 Areti Red, an Agiorgitiko, was aged for 12 months in 60% new French oak (somewhat different...
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The grapes for the 14-18h Rose come from vineyards located on the slopes of the mountainous Koutsi and Asprokampos...
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Agiorghitiko Wine

The Agiorgitiko grape varietal is grown widely throughout Greece and certain other countries, and is prized for the fact it is highly heat resistant, and can thrive on even quite arid and infertile land. It has been cultivated for millennia in the Nemea region of the Peloponnese mountains, where it remains highly popular to this day. It is a grape varietal which can take on wide range of characteristics, from highly tannic and astringent to rather soft and rounded, and responds well to a variety of wine making techniques and methods. Typically, the Agiorgitiko grape varietal produces wines which are quite spicy, and hold plummy and dark fruit flavors It has been successfully blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, and is a popular grape varietal in many countries around the world.