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2013 Argentina

The majority of Argentina’s fine wines come from the high-altitude Mendoza region, an area which is often troubled by unpredictable weather - including hail storms and sudden cold snaps - but thanks to the expertise and experience of the vintners who work there, quality wines manage to be produced year after year. 2013 was a particularly cold year in Argentina, with a long, cool growing season which required a lot of waiting for the ripening of the grapes to occur. This was no problem for the main grape varietals of the region - Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon - which generally benefit from cooler temperatures, but created a few issues for the region’s white wines, especially Sauvignon Blanc.

The growing season of 2013 started warm, but quickly turned quite cold, meaning that harvest ended up being about two weeks later than usual. Plenty of rain in the spring was a much needed boon, but the harvest season was overall very hot, giving a great end to an up-and-down year.The result of this was that the 2013 vintage in Argentina was characterized by fine tannic structure, with particularly high acidity and lower than average alcohol levels in the majority of the grapes picked. This was great news for Malbec, which turned out to be more acidic and vibrant than is typical - something which has rarely happened in Argentina before - meaning the 2013 vintage is one with great ageing potential. The cold nights of this year also allowed Malbec’s aromatic qualities to come forward strongly, making this vintage an unusual but highly successful one for Argentina.