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Montes Carmenere Alpha 2013 750ml

Rated 90 - Rich and ripe, with notes of paprika and cardamom to the dark plum, dried berry and roasted cherry flavors. The peppery finish is...
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Montes Purple Angel 2013 750ml

Rated 97 - The transparency is incredible to this year of Purple Angel. Aromatic and bright with blueberry, fresh herbs and spice. Full body, silky...

2013 Carmenere Wine

The deep blue colored grapes of the Carmenere varietal have their origins in France, where they are still listed as one of the elite grape varietals allowed by French law for the use in Bordeaux wines, generally regarded to be the finest in the world. However, the use of Carmenere grapes in France has been dwindling for many decades now, and it has been in several New World countries where they have seen their renaissance. Although still mostly used as a blending grape, single variety Carmenere wines are greatly sought after as a result of their deep, complex aromas, stunning blood red color and the fact that the grapes, when processed at optimum ripeness, carry some fascinating flavors, including chocolate, tobacco, and spicy cherry notes.

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