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Domaine Coursodon Saint Joseph L`olivaie 2014 750ml

Rated 92 - Deep ruby. Powerful mineral- and pepper-accented aromas of fresh blueberry, licorice and candied flowers, and a subtle hint of olive in...
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Domaine Equis [M. Graillot] St. Joseph 2017 750ml

Rated 91 - Hints of almond paste and baking spices appear on the nose of the 2017 Saint Joseph, sourced from the same grower in Saint-Jean de...
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Domaine Faury St. Joseph Blanc 2016 750ml

Rated 91 - Pale gold. Penetrating aromas of tangerine, pear, white peach and fennel pick up chalky mineral and floral notes as the wine opens up....
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Domaine Faury St. Joseph Rouge 2017 1.5Ltr

Rated 92 - Opaque ruby. Intensely perfumed aromas of ripe red and dark berries, violet and smoky minerals, accompanied by a hint of olive that...
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Maison Les Alexandrins Saint-Joseph 2016 750ml

Rated 91 - Bright boysenberries and red plums with light, fragrant roses, too. The palate has a riper edge, the red-plum and black-tea flavors cast...
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Maison Les Alexandrins Saint-Joseph 2017 750ml

Rated 92 - Ripe and warm in feel, with a plush edge to the mix of red currant, plum and blackberry preserve flavors. Light anise, singed apple wood...

France Rhone Valley Saint Joseph

Year in, year out, France enjoys its prestigious reputation as the producer of the finest wines in the world. With a wine making history which spans several thousand years and owes its expertise to the Romans, it comes as little surprise that this most highly esteemed of the Old World wine countries continues to impress and enchant both novices and experts to this day. Despite the rise in quality of wines from neighboring European countries, not to mention the New World, the French wine industry continues to boom, with up to eight billion bottles being produced in recent years. However, France prides itself on always putting quality before quantity, and the wide range in fine produce is a testament to the dedication and knowledge of the wineries across the country. Indeed, from rich and complex reds to light and aromatic white wines, French wines are as varied and interesting as they are enjoyable to drink, making this country a firm favorite for wine lovers across the globe.

The Rhone Valley of southern France is a particularly fascinating wine region, with a history that stretches back to at least six hundred BCE, when the ancient Greeks first began cultivating vines there. The region itself is split into two distinct sub-regions, with the northern sub-region being famed for its production of exceptional Syrah, Marsanne, Roussane and Viognier wines, packed full of interesting character and expressing the terroir found there. The southern sub-region is home to an enormous variety of grapes, and produces red, white and rosé wines, and some of the world's most famous and adored blended wines. The continental climate of the region is ideal for growing grapes, and the winds which blow from the Central Massif help temper the heat in the vineyards, leading to very ripe fruits holding plenty of flavor.