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Earle Estates Blueberry Bounty 750ml

Gold Medal, 5.0% RS. 45% Blueberry Wine, 55% Honey Mead. Great with prime rib, any beef dish, dessert, or on its own. Winery
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Glenora Peach Passion NV 750ml

-When you uncork this fun, summertime wine you will be sure that we took the peach orchard and put it in a bottle. We started with a fine Finger...
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Hosmer Rasberry Rhapsody NV 750ml

-This wonderfully aromatic treat is made from semi-sweet white wine infused with locally grown sun-ripened red raspberries. Intensely flavorful...

Fruit Wine New York

New York state has a wine history which stretches back to the mid-17th century, when Dutch settlers first began cultivating grape vines in the Hudson Valley. Since then, the wine industry of New York has grown from strength to strength, mixing the old with the new as wineries continue to experiment with modern techniques alongside their traditional heritage. Indeed, certain wineries in New York state hold a claim to being amongst the oldest and most well established in the New World, with at least one dating back over three hundred and fifty years. New York state is responsible for a relatively small range of grape varietals, due to its cooler, damper climate, but many varietals such as Riesling and Seyval Blanc thrive in such conditions and produce wines a of singular quality.