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Heinz Eifel Riesling Auslese 2012 750ml

Rated 90 - A fantastic bargain, this nuanced wine balances heady saffron and spice notes against a backdrop of ripe mango and yellow cherry...
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Wittmann Riesling Trocken Gros Gewaches Morstein 2012 750ml

Rated 94 - While the nose is buoyant, bursting with honey, mango and flowers, a polished elegance reverberates throughout this dry, steely...
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Wittmann Riesling Trocken Westhofener 2012 750ml

Rated 92 - Tart green melon, lemon and lime scent this sleek, dry wine. While full bodied in style, its rich, mineral palate is steely and honed....

2012 Germany

As in many Old World countries, the rise of viticulture in Germany came about as a result of the Roman Empire, who saw the potential for vine cultivation in the vast flatlands around the base of the Rhine valley. Indeed, for over a thousand years, Germany's wine production levels were enormous, with much of the south of the country being used more or less exclusively for growing grapes. Over time, this diminished to make way for expanding cities and other types of industries, but Southern Germany remains very much an important wine region within Europe, with many beautifully balanced and flavorful German wines being prized by locals and international wine lovers alike. The hills around Baden-Baden and Mannheim are especially noteworthy, as these produce the high end of the characteristic semi-sweet white wines which couple so perfectly with German cheeses and pickled vegetables. However, all of Germany's wine producing regions have something special and unique to offer, and are a joy to explore and experience.