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Fog Monster Grenache Red 2012 750ml

Rated ** 1/2 - Fresh, lively and complex, with well-balanced flavors of red fruit, earth and a touch of citrus. - NY Times
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Tor Kenward Family Grenache Rock Cuvee Cooper 2012 750ml

Rated 90 - (this vineyard on limestone soil was sold off following the 2013 harvest): Very pale red. Began a bit neutral on the nose but showed...

2012 Grenache

The purple skinned grapes of the Grenache varietal have quickly become one of the most widely planted red wine grapes in the world, flourishing in several countries which have the correct conditions in which they can grow to ripeness. They thrive anywhere with a dry, hot climate, such as that found in central Spain and other such arid areas, and produce delightfully light bodied wines full of spicy flavors and notes of dark berries. Their robustness and relative vigor has led them being a favorite grape varietal for wineries all over the world, and whilst it isn't uncommon to see bottles made from this varietal alone, they are also regularly used as a blending grape due to their high sugar content and ability to produce wines containing a relatively high level of alcohol.