Gruner Veltliner

When it comes to Austrian fine wine, one grape varietal reigns supreme. Gruner Veltliner is the white grape which dominates the wine scene of this fine old European country, and wines made from Gruner Veltliner have been celebrated across the continent for hundreds of years. Native to the banks of the river Danube, which snakes through the valleys of Austria’s central region, Gruner Veltliner now takes up over 35% of all the vineyards in the country. It continues to be revered by those who appreciate its steely acidity, and bright mineral characteristics.

The most widely respected Austrian regions for Gruner Veltliner are Wachau and Kamptal, both of which benefit from the mineral deposits carried by the great river which cuts through them. However, several New World regions have had considerable success with this grape varietal, particularly cooler regions in Australia, and places like Finger Lakes in New York State. The grape is known for its sharpness, its flavor profile of grapefruit, lime and white pepper, and its pale green color, along with a set of aromatic features that make it a unique delight to savor. It is a magnificent wine to pair with a wide range of foods, and offers something refined and different for lovers of classic white wines.