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Folonari Soave 1.5Ltr

Tasting notes Tasting Notes: Straw yellow in color. Bouquet is fruity and crisp. Delicate, dry flavor with a crisp finish....
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Gini Recioto Di Soave Col Foscarin 2011 375ml

Rated 94 - Fantastic Recioto showing dried-pineapple, apricot and toffee character. Full-bodied and very sweet with so much dried-fruit character,...
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Gini Soave Classico 2018 750ml

Rated 91 - Vivid straw-yellow. Delicious aromas of herbs, lime, almond kernel and jasmine. Bright, dense and juicy, with a glyceral but vibrant...
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Gini Soave Classico La Frosca 2016 750ml

#25 TOP 100 CELLAR SELECTIONS 2019 - Radiant and loaded with finesse, this stunning white opens with enticing scents of fragrant spring flower,...
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Gini Soave Classico Salvarenza 2016 750ml

Rated 94 - A beautiful and rich white with lots of cooked apples and pears, minerals and hints of honey. Full-bodied, creamy and fruity. Lovely...
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Suavia Recioto Di Soave Acinatium 2009 375ml

Rated 92 - In form and weight, this vibrant sweetie is graceful and svelte, packed with glazed nectarine, candied pink grapefruit zest,...
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Suavia Soave Classico Monte Carbonare 2017 750ml

Rated 95 - Crystal-clear purity to this Soave, which shows flint, sliced lemons, chamomile and petrichor. Edgy and vertical on the palate, but...
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Suavia Trebbiano Di Soave Massifitti 2015 750ml

Rated 93 - This is layered and very dense yet bright and vivid. Lots of dried-apple and pear character. Full-bodied, flavorful and intense. Plenty...
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Italy Soave Veneto

There are few countries in the world with a viticultural history as long or as illustrious as that claimed by Italy. Grapes were first being grown and cultivated on Italian soil several thousand years ago by the Greeks and the Pheonicians, who named Italy 'Oenotria' – the land of wines – so impressed were they with the climate and the suitability of the soil for wine production. Of course, it was the rise of the Roman Empire which had the most lasting influence on wine production in Italy, and their influence can still be felt today, as much of the riches of the empire came about through their enthusiasm for producing wines and exporting it to neighbouring countries. Since those times, a vast amount of Italian land has remained primarily for vine cultivation, and thousands of wineries can be found throughout the entire length and breadth of this beautiful country, drenched in Mediterranean sunshine and benefiting from the excellent fertile soils found there. Italy remains very much a 'land of wines', and one could not imagine this country, its landscape and culture, without it.

As historically one of the most important regions in the world regarding trade and experimentation, it comes as no surprise to discover that Veneto has always been a well respected and innovative wine region. This area of north-easterly area of Italy benefits greatly from a continental climate tempered by the Alps, and plenty of influence from the Germanic countries it is near to. Veneto is most commonly associated with beautifully elegant white wines, such as those of Soave, and has over ninety thousand hectares under vine. Impressively, within that area, over a third of the vineyards in the Veneto region have been granted official AOC status, and many of the sub-regions and appellations of Veneto have gone on to be world-famous in regards to quality. One such example is Valpolicella, where some of Italy's finest and most complex red wines are produced.