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Akashi Blended Whisky NV 750ml

Designed to be an approachable, sipping whisky, Akashi Whisky has a malty, citrusy characteristic complemented by hints of salinity due to its...
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Akashi Single Malt Whisky Sherry Cask 5yr NV 750ml

The Akashi Single Malt Sherry Cask is a limited, annual release. This delightfully elegant single malt is aged 5 years in Pedro Ximenez casks then...
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Akashi Whisky Single Malt NV 750ml

Due to Eigashima’s coastal climate, Akashi whiskies impart a unique briny quality that is especially apparent in the Akashi Single Malt. Aged...
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Fukano Whisky 'Vault 2' NV 750ml

Rated 90 - A delightful fruity specimen, with lime, Asian pear, grapefruit, tangerine, mango, melon, taffy, and a hint of white pepper. More...
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Fukano Whisky 10 Year NV 750ml

Rated 96 - A distinguished nose with hints of bananas foster, brown butter, lilac, dried apricot, and heather honey draws you in. The banana motif...
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Fukano Whisky 14 Year Single Cask NV 750ml

Rated 92 - Stewed gooseberry, scallions, chopped chives, fine-ground pepper, rolled oats, and sweet oak combine to create a sweet and herbal dram....
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Fukano Whisky 2020 Release 2020 750ml

The 2020 edition from Fukano is a combination of 3 ex-sherry casks, 2 refill oak casks, and 1 first-fill red wine cask. An elegant nose of Red...
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Ichiros Whisky Malt & Grain NV 750ml

A lovely blended whisky from Japan, created by Ichiro Akuto, the Japanese whisky extraordinaire. This particular gem is made with both malt and...
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Kaiyo Whisky Cask Strength 750ml

Rated 90 - Fully matured in mizunara oak on land and sea, this has tangy orange, ground ginger, fennel seed, cedar, and incense, though it seems a...
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Kaiyo Whisky The Peated 750ml

Rated 90 - This is utterly unique; made from imported Scottish peated malt, it spends 2 years in madeira casks, then 6 years in mizunara casks....
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Kaiyo Whisky The Single 750ml

7 Year Old 48% ABV Mizunara Oak Finish Coffee Malt Malted Barley
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Kamiki Whisky Blended Malt 750ml

Rated 95 - Sandalwood aromas are robust and exhilarating on the nose. The cedar cask influence is immediately apparent in the mouth, filling the...
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Kanosuke Whisky 'New Born' NV 200ml

Newborn is whisky that is still in the early stages of its barrel maturation process. It is a very young whisky compared to most around the world,...
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Kikori Japanese Whiskey 750ml

Rated 90 - Get back to nature; this is a whisky to savor during a spectacular sunrise. Lychee, edamame, pea shoots, green apple, and morning dew on...
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Japanese Whiskey

Whisky might not be the first thing that springs to mind when we think of Japanese fine produce, but over the past one hundred years, this fascinating and multi-faceted country has diligently forged a unique whisky identity which is growing in popularity, and which is entirely its own.

The story of Japanese whisky begins in 1918, when Masataka Taketsuru was sent to Scotland to undertake a tour of single malt distilleries in the Highlands, and bring home a knowledge of whisky and distillation skills. He returned full of inspiration, helped no doubt by his new Scottish wife, and alongside his friend, Shinjiro Torii, set up what would become a successful whisky industry.

Today, the Japanese whisky industry is spread over a relatively small handful of distilleries, which continue to use Scottish techniques and recipes, but with a hefty dose of distinctly Japanese experimentalism. This is displayed most obviously in the barrelling techniques the Japanese use - to create a distinctly Oriental set of tasting notes, native Japanese oakwood casks are used for ageing, alongside casks taken from plum wine producers, which impart a beautiful set of floral flavors to the whisky.

While some distilleries produce some excellent single malts, the majority of Japanese whiskies are blended, which reveals a unique set of flavors and aromas ranging from honeysuckle and orange blossom, to toffee and acetone.