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Prager Riesling Smaragd Achleiten 2014 750ml

Rated 91 - The 2014 Riesling Smaragd Achelten is very pure and stony on the nose, almost dusty and vegetal, but also indicates some ripe and...
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Rudi Pichler Riesling Smaragd Terrassen 2014 750ml

Rated 92 - The 2014 Riesling Smaragd Terrassen is intense and concentrated on the nose, and offers ripe yellow-fleshed fruit aromas along with...

2014 Riesling Wachau

Riesling grapes have been grown in and around central Europe for centuries, and over time, they became the lasting symbol of south Germany's ancient and proud wine culture. Whilst the reputation of German wines abroad has in the past been mixed, the Germans themselves take an enormous amount of pride in their wineries, and Riesling grapes have now spread around the globe, growing anywhere with the correct climate in which they can thrive. Riesling grape varietals generally require much cooler climatic conditions than many other white grapes, and they are generally considered to be a very 'terroir expressive' varietal, meaning that the features and characteristics of the terroir they are grown on comes across in the flavors and aromas in the bottle. It is this important feature which has allowed Riesling wines to be elevated into the category of 'fine' white wines, as the features of the top quality bottles are generally considered to be highly unique and offer much to interest wine enthusiasts.