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Roditis Wine

This vividly rosé colored grape varietal has been grown in and around the Attica region for centuries, and due to its elegant characteristics and fantastic flavors, it has gained popularity all over Greece over the past twenty-five years. Nowadays, you'd be just as likely to find vineyards growing Roditis grape varietals in the Peloponnese mountains, in Thessaly, Macedonia and many other parts of the country. Indeed, on the slopes of the Peloponnese, Roditis grapes are exclusively grown for the production of the wines of AOC Patra, where the award winning dry white wines of the region are made from 100% Roditis grapes, and are prized by wine collectors and Greek wine fans alike.

Roditis grapes produce the best results when they are cultivated to relatively very low yields, with the mountainous slopes giving them both the perfect amount of sunshine and the unique range of minerals in order to ripen and maintain their delightful flavor. Wines made from Roditis grapes tend to hold quite strong citrus flavors, making them an ideal drink for refreshment on a hot day. Their long, complex after-tastes are what they are most revered for, making them a great accompaniment for the local seafood cuisine of the region they are grown in.

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