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Bookers Limited Edition Rye Whiskey 2016 2016 750ml

The “World Whisky of the Year” has been anointed in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2017, and the honor goes to Booker’s Rye. This is the whiskey...
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Sazerac Rye Whiskey 18yr 2016 750ml

Rated 93 - This Sazerac 18 year old is now a distinctly separate whiskey, after several years of releasing whiskey that had been stored in...
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Thomas Handy Sazerac Straight Rye Whiskey 2016 750ml

Powerful, lush, and boldly spicy. Flavors of toffee, fig cake, and candied fruit, followed by mint, cinnamon and clove. The finish ultimately...
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Whistlepig Straight Rye Whiskey 15yr 2016 750ml

Rated 97 - This remarkably complex sipper leads with caramel and vanilla, then reverberates with rounded dried fruit, sherry and almond, fading...

Rye Whiskey

Rye Whiskey is enjoying something of a renaissance of late, with sales rocketing in recent years thanks to a growing interest in strong, unique flavors, and small, independent distilleries. Rye Whiskey is a drink which is all about powerful, bold flavors, with plenty of spice and bitterness when drunk young. Aged, however, it takes on a deep set of subtle notes which are beautifully mellow and complex, and becomes a fascinating example of what whiskey can be when made with expert hands.

In order for an American Whiskey to be labeled a Rye Whiskey, it must have a mash content which is no less than fifty one percent rye. This separates it from Bourbon, and it is this which gives it its distinctive flavor and spiciness. Toffee, cinnamon, caraway, cloves and oak are typical tasting notes, and ‘straight rye’ whiskies - which are aged in charred oak barrels - take on plenty of the smokiness of the wood, adding a further, fascinating facet.

Rye Whiskey has its spiritual home in the northeastern states of Pennsylvania and Maryland, and cities like Pittsburgh produced vast quantities of Rye Whiskey in the 18th and 19th centuries. Most the old distilleries were closed during the prohibition era, after which time rye whiskey more or less disappeared completely, but the twenty-first century is seeing old recipes being resurrected and released to rave reviews.