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Dads Hat Distillery Rye Whiskey Vermouth Barrel Finish 750ml

Rated 90 - The only Pennsylvania-style rye actually made in Pennsylvania is finished for three months in former sweet-vermouth casks from Quady...
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Dads Hat Distillery Rye Whiskey White 750ml

Rated 88 - Rye adds a spicy note to this small-batch spirit, which features big pineapple and banana notes that wind into clove and cinnamon on the...
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Lock Stock & Barrel Rye Whiskey 16 Year 750ml

Made from a 100 percent rye mashbill and bottled at 107 proof (53.5 percent alcohol by volume), its flavors are somewhat more intense and...

Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey Rye Whiskey

Rye Whiskey is enjoying something of a renaissance of late, with sales rocketing in recent years thanks to a growing interest in strong, unique flavors, and small, independent distilleries. Rye Whiskey is a drink which is all about powerful, bold flavors, with plenty of spice and bitterness when drunk young. Aged, however, it takes on a deep set of subtle notes which are beautifully mellow and complex, and becomes a fascinating example of what whiskey can be when made with expert hands.

In order for an American Whiskey to be labeled a Rye Whiskey, it must have a mash content which is no less than fifty one percent rye. This separates it from Bourbon, and it is this which gives it its distinctive flavor and spiciness. Toffee, cinnamon, caraway, cloves and oak are typical tasting notes, and ‘straight rye’ whiskies - which are aged in charred oak barrels - take on plenty of the smokiness of the wood, adding a further, fascinating facet.

Rye Whiskey has its spiritual home in the northeastern states of Pennsylvania and Maryland, and cities like Pittsburgh produced vast quantities of Rye Whiskey in the 18th and 19th centuries. Most the old distilleries were closed during the prohibition era, after which time rye whiskey more or less disappeared completely, but the twenty-first century is seeing old recipes being resurrected and released to rave reviews.