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Barboursville Viognier Reserve 2014 750ml

Rated 91 - The 2014 Viognier Reserve is dry, unoaked and comes in at 13% alcohol. This is the current release. What a beauty. Gentle, absolutely...
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K Vintners Viognier Powerline 2014 750ml

A kaleidoscope of aromas and flavors comes from the first vintage of this small batch estate vineyard Viognier. Thyme, white peach, wild mountain...

2014 Viognier

Although primarily associated with the Rhone region of France, the precise origins of the Viognier grape variety are unknown, and the subject of much debate. However, these fine and delicate green skinned grapes are an important varietal for many of France's most elegant white wines, and they are quickly beginning to spread around the New World, too, where wineries are discovering their unique qualities and unusual character. Viognier grapes are notoriously difficult to grow, due to the fact they are highly susceptible to mildew, but wineries persevere with them nonetheless, producing wines which are highly aromatic and have a great, fruit-forward character. Their delicate aroma suggests sweetness due to its flowery, sappy nature, but the wine itself generally very dry and crisp, and full of summery, light and refined qualities.