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Chateau Brown Pessac Leognan Blanc 2014 750ml

Rated 90-92 - The Château Brown Blanc 2014 has an attractive lime cordial and gooseberry-scented bouquet that is very well defined, peachy notes...
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Clos Des Lunes Lunes Blanche 2014 750ml

Rated 88-91 - Restrained, with modest peach and lemon curd notes, laced with a hint of thyme. The fresh finish features a light twinge of lemon...

2014 White Bordeaux

France is widely known as being the home of many of the world's finest white wines, and within France, the name which rings out across the wine world and is always associated with excellence of quality and flavor is Bordeaux. The white wines of the magnificent Bordeaux region are typically blended, and rely on the winemaker's skill and expertise to achieve the fine balance between the primary grape varietals used. Most blended white Bordeaux wines are made up of Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon and Muscadelle varietals, although there are actually nine grapes officially allowed by French wine law for the inclusion in Bordeaux white wines. The other six are Sauvignon Gris, Merlot Blanc, Ugni Blanc, Colombard, Ondenc and Mauzac, although the use of these other grapes has been in steady decline over the past century.