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Benjamin Leroux Meursault 1er Cru Porusot 2014 750ml

Rated 90-92 - The 2014 Meursault 1er Cru Poruzots was severely damaged by hail, which is why it was cropped at just (drum roll please)...6...
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Benjamin Leroux Meursault Les Vireuils 2014 750ml

Rated 90-92 - The 2014 Meursault Les Vireuils has a more backward, stonier nose compared to the Meursault Villages, just a hint of lime flower...
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Deux Montille Meursault Les Casses-Tetes 2013 750ml

Rated 89-91 - Clear straw-yellow color. Stone fruits and clove on the nose. A step up in fruit sweetness from the foregoing samples, offering a...

Burgundy Cote De Beaune Meursault

The region of Burgundy has become synonymous with high quality red wines, but in actual fact the region consistently produces a wide variety of fine wines of many different styles, rigorously protected by French wine laws designed to keep reputations and quality at a very high level. The region benefits greatly from a warm and sunny summer climate, which, coupled with the excellent quality soils which typify the region, and centuries of experience and expertise, has led to the region being known all over the world for the excellence of its produce. The majority of grapevines grown here are of the Pinot Noir varietal, which has helped Burgundy become known as the definitive region for elegant and smooth red wines, but Chardonnay grapes and many others are also grown in abundance and used to make both still and sparkling wines.
The beautifully and unforgettable French region of Cote De Beaune has been revered throughout the centuries, and recognized as one of the key producer's of the world's finest white wines. The region is highly respected as an excellent producer of Chardonnay wines, and the Chardonnay grapes which grow there, on the southern slopes of the Cote d'Or, are packed full of the unique and powerful characteristics of this very special terroir. Interestingly, Cote De Beaune produces more red wine than white wine, despite its white wines being so famous. The red wines of Cote De Beaune are mainly made from Pinot Noir, but are relatively very light and fruity in their character, perfect for sipping on a warm, sunny day alongside a wide range of foods.