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Domaine Des Baumard Savennieres Clos Du Papillon 2011 750ml

Rated 92 - Alluring, with a singed macadamia nut aroma followed by creamed pear and yellow apple fruit flavors. The finish is lined with ginger and...

2011 750ml Chenin Blanc

Originating in France yet now grown in many parts of the New World, Chenin Blanc is one of the most versatile and highly regarded white wine grape varietals on earth. These green skinned grapes hold a relatively high acid content, and as such can be used for making still white wines of exceptional quality, as well as superb sparkling wines (such as the Crémant wines of the Loire Valley) and extremely aromatic dessert wines. Their natural transparency means that they are a fine grape for expressing their terroir in the bottle, and winemakers often experiment with this varietal to coax unusual and intense flavors from the grapes, such as allowing the development of noble rot on the fruit in order to make sweet and viscous wines of a unique character.