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G.D. Vajra Dolcetto D'alba Coste & Fossati 2014 750ml

Rated 90 - A much deeper style of Dolcetto emerges from Vajra's 2014 Dolcetto d'Alba Coste & Fossati. Pliant and generous on the palate, the...

750ml Dolcetto

In Italian, Dolcetto means 'little sweet one' – a slightly misleading name, as the black grapes of this varietal have relatively little natural sugar and almost almost produce dry wines. However, the Dolcetto grapes are remarkably popular with those looking for a full, rounded and highly flavorful wine, and are grown extensively in their native Italy, and in many other countries around the world. Dolcetto varietal grapes tend to have quite a high level of tannin, due to their thick, black skins, and low acidity, resulting in interesting wines with a large feel in the mouth, despite being relatively light in body. They are most commonly associated with big, complex flavors such as liquorice and prunes, and are regularly described as having a finish similar to the flavor of bitter almonds.