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Bollinger Champagne La Grande Annee Rose 2005 750ml

Rated 96 - A good rest on lees in the cellar through to May 2015 has seen this salmon-colored rosé develop a wealth of dried porcini mushroom...
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Bruno Paillard Champagne Brut Assemblage 2004 750ml

Rated 93 - (47% pinot noir, 42% chardonnay and 11% pinot meunier; disgorged in March, 2012): Vivid yellow-gold. Heady, highly perfumed scents of...

Champagne Blend

The sparkling wines of Champagne have been revered by wine drinkers for hundreds of years, and even today they maintain their reputation for excellence of flavor and character, and are consistently associated with quality, decadence, and a cause for celebration. Their unique characteristics are partly due to the careful blending of a small number of selected grape varietals, most commonly Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. These grapes, blended in fairly equal quantities, give the wines of Champagne their wonderful flavors and aromas, with the Pinot Noir offering length and backbone, and the Chardonnay varietal giving its acidity and dry, biscuity nature. It isn't unusual to sometimes see Champagne labeled as 'blanc de blanc', meaning it is made using only Chardonnay varietal grapes, or 'blanc de noir', which is made solely with Pinot Noir.