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Altare Barolo Arborina 2011 750ml

Rated 95 - A deep and rich Barolo with lovely velvety tannins and a fresh and tangy background giving the wine tension and beauty. Lovely...
Elio Altare Vineyards

Italian Wine, Piedmont

About Elio Altare Vineyards

Elio Altare VineyardsElio Altare Vineyards Grandfather Giuseppe Altare purchased the farm and winery in 1948, and our family practiced the typical Piemontese mixed agriculture up until the mid-1970s. Besides winegrapes, the family grew pears. apples, hazelnuts, wheat, and corn. 1971 was the last year in which we worked the land with oxen; after that we gradually acquired tractors and other farm machinery.
Today the family works 10 hectares, of which five are rented. They have adopted techniques aimed at respecting nature. The principle objective is that of limiting the use of chemical substances, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. The wines are not subjected to filtering or fining, so that they keep all of the material and character extracted during maceration.