The northern Rhone region of France has long been considered one of the finest the country has to offer, and the history of this unique wine producing region is an impressive one, which stretches back centuries. The steep and narrow valleys which criss-cross the northern Rhone are dotted with key appellations, each with their own characters and distinctive wine styles, thanks to the dedication of the vintners who continue to work with traditional methods throughout this region. Cote-Rotie, Saint Joseph and Condrieu are some of the finest appellations not only in the Rhone, but in all of France, and it is here we find the wonderful winery of Domaine Faury.

The land itself may be an old one, but it was given new life and drive by Philippe Faury when he took over the domaine in the late 1970s. Until this time, the majority of the domaine’s produce was orchard fruits, with wine as a side project which only had a local reach. Philippe had big ideas for Domaine Faury, and quickly set about expanding what he recognized as prime Rhone land - purchasing a further eleven hectares, and setting his sights on an international client base. In 2006, his son Lionel took over the operation, and father and son continue to work together to make the most of their pristine vineyards and ancestral home.

This part of the northern Rhone is challenging terrain for even the most seasoned vintners, and vine growing here is only possible through the use of terracing. It is on these beautiful terraced slopes that the classic Rhone varietals the Faurys grow can take full advantage of the sun - brilliant southern sunshine that allows for full ripeness and maximum flavor in the fruit. The winery claims that the secret to their wildly successful Rhone wines is down to the complex soils the vines benefit from, which is made up of granite with plenty of mineral character. This, combined with the Faury family’s commitment to detail and aged oak barrels, is what gives the wines of Domaine Faury their unique and unforgettable features.