Pre-Arrival Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Arrival FAQ

Long Term Pre-arrival Definition: Ordering wine directly through us from our supplier partners in Europe in advance of the item’s physical arrival in the US. Long Term Pre-arrival sales ensure you’re getting the best possible price and that you have also secured the product before it hits the normal retail supply chain. The lead time for Pre-arrival goods is generally 4–8 months, sometimes longer based on supply chain and the logistics of transporting goods overseas. Before and after arrival the logistics company that handles the importing of the product will satisfy all customs needs and ensure that we are fully compliant with all federal and state regulations. The expectation, from our team, is to communicate to the customer the location of their purchase every step of the way.

How do I shop for Pre-arrival wines on SaratogaWine.com?

Why should I buy Long Term Pre-arrival?

Since the product is being sourced directly from producers or suppliers, the prices can be significantly less expensive than traditional sourcing methods. Additionally, the selection available from Pre-arrivals is much broader, and since they are coming directly from the wineries and Chateau’s the provenance is without comparison.

When will my order arrive?

Projected arrival is between 4-8 months; however, it may be longer as noted above.

Discounts and coupons

There are no additional discounts or promotions available on Pre-arrival orders.

Shipping promotions

Free shipping promotions cannot be applied to Long Term Pre-arrival orders.

How will I know when my Pre-arrival item is ready to ship?

We will contact you when your order is ready to ship. You will also be notified via email when you will need to select a shipping date.

How can I tell what items are Pre-arrival?

Pre-arrival items can be viewed by selecting the "Pre-Arrival" filter. Pre-arrival selections are notated by a red Pre-Arrival banner on each product listing, search results pages, and product pages.

What happens if I have multiple orders, both Pre-arrival and a regular order?

When you add Pre-Arrival items and regular items to your cart, our system will separate your orders into two carts that you can manage at checkout by selecting "Switch to this order".

If I notice a price change on an item I purchased after my order is placed, is my order subject to change?

No, unfortunately. Prices can fluctuate on Pre-arrival items because of financial exchange rates, market trends, or supply issues. Your order will be processed at the pricing listed at the time of purchase and can not be modified to reflect lower or higher prices at a later time. In our experience, prices RARELY go down over time, so rest assured we are passing the best savings onto you at the point of your purchase! Keep in mind that these items won't arrive at your door for 4-8 months or longer, so a lower price tomorrow could be a huge price increase by the time the wine arrives and we wont charge you any more if that was the case.

What if I change my mind about a Pre-arrival item after the order is placed?

Once an order is placed, we cannot make any changes to it, nor can it be canceled at any time. You will be directed to agree to our Pre-arrival order policy at checkout.

If my wine is packaged in a wooden crate, from the wine producer, do you ship my order in the OWC?

Original Wooden Cartons (O.W.C.), when available, are not included with the delivery of your order automatically. All wine shipped by our domestic shipping partners must be packed in industry standard shippers to insure safe conditions during transit. Bottles cannot be shipped in their original wood or original cardboard cartons, as they would end up getting destroyed in transit. However, if you are interested in receiving the original wood cartons, please include the request with your order, and they can be shipped separately for an additional fee.

*If you desperately want/need your wine shipped in the O.W.C. there are private couriers you could hire to hand deliver your item and all handling liability will be passed on to them.

Pre-Arrival Returns, Refunds, and Terms and Conditions

Refunds, returns and/or exchanges for pre-arrival orders will only be accepted in the case of an error in shipping or receiving by Saratoga Wine Exchange and their staff. Otherwise, all sales are final.

We procure our wines from well established companies and we pay for refrigerated shipping from Europe all the way to our doors. We offer a cold pack upgrade and will hold items due to extreme weather conditions, ensuring your item is handled with care and reliability throughout its journey.

“Corked” wines account for approximately 3% of all wood/bark cork wines production and we cannot control this naturally occurring issue. This risk and liability exists on domestic and overseas purchases alike, however with pre-arrival purchases there is not a quick and timely way for the distributor to return and refund bad bottles, ergo, our firm stance on all sales being final.