Eugen Muller Forster Kirchenstuck Riesling Auslese 2016 500ml
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Eugen Muller Forster Kirchenstuck Riesling Auslese 2016

Pfalz - Germany

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Rated 90 by Vinous Media
Lime, white peach and apple wreathed in freesia deliver a pungent, piquantly pit- and seed-tinged aromatic message. A tart fruit-skin edge, along with the aforementioned piquancy, serves as pleasing counterpoint on a palate of oily richness. There isn’t the musky or decadent side of Kirchenstück here, and perhaps little of the site’s mystery, either. But it’s early days for such a wine, and over time, as its sense of sweetness (which is in any case modest) and its infant gloss recede, there may well be much to contemplate. Meantime, the sheer succulence of apple and white peach judiciously reinforced by residual sugar and complemented by a botrytis-induced hint of truffle makes for a winsome as well as suitably persistent finish.

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Additional Information on Eugen Muller Forster Kirchenstuck Riesling Auslese 2016

Winery Eugen Muller

Region: Pfalz

The beautiful German wine region of Pfalz is the second largest in the country, and a region recognized for its astonishing variety and the quality of its produce. With around 25,000 hectares of land in Pfalz under vine, the region produces an impressive amount of wine, considering the fact that the majority of wineries in the region are independent, small and traditionally run. The vineyards of Pfalz benefit enormously from their relatively warm, dry and sunny climate – exceedingly similar to that of nearby Alsace – and the high quality, mineral rich soils that typify the region. Although grapes have been cultivated in the Pfalz region since time immemorial, it was the Romans who first built up the wine region in the first century, introducing many grape varietals which can still be found growing there to this day.

Country: Germany

Much has changed over the past few decades in regards to German wine. Long gone are the days of mass produced, sickly sweet white wines which were once the chief exports of this fascinating and ancient wine producing country, and they have been replaced with something far more sophisticated. Whilst Germany continues to produce a relatively large amount of dessert wine, the wineries of the south of the country have reverted their attention to the production of drier, more elegant wines which really make the most of the fine grape varieties which flourish there. Many of the wineries dealing primarily with the excellent Riesling grapes have produced some truly exceptional dry and semi-sweet wines over the past few years, and it seems the world has finally woken up and noticed the extremely high quality of the distinctive produce coming out of Germany today.