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Gekkeikan Sake Horin NV 720ml

-Rated 92 - Brilliant, pale straw hue. Complex, delicate powdered sugar aromas show a floral quality. A lush entry leads to a rounded, substantive...
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Gekkeikan Sake NV 750ml

Brilliant, pale straw hue. High toned sweet rice and bread dough aromas come with a measure of alcoholic warmth. A lush entry leads to a weighty,...

Japan NV Wine

All over Japan, farmers and wine producers take the production of alcoholic beverages including plum wine and sake very seriously. It is an industry which dates back well over a thousand years, and is held in high esteem in this far east country, where plum wines and sake often accompany meals and are used for ceremonial purposes. Whilst plum wine is produced in a relatively similar way to grape based wines, sake requires a complex process more akin to the brewing of beer, except using a rice mash instead of other grains. The rising popularity of both of these drinks in the west has seen the drinks industry in Japan increase dramatically over recent years, and both quality and quantity has risen alongside demand, and is expected to rise further.

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